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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The best hot dog cart in Where??
Seems innocent and normal enough, no? A hot dog cart purporting to be the best hot dog cart in New York. (of course, the question arises, if one has the best hot dog art in new york, why is said cart for sale?)

So what's unusual about this picture?

This picture is unusual because it was not taken in Manhattan, nor anywhere else in New York State, actually. What makes this picture interesting is the I took it in Portland, Maine. It's a sad state of affairs when New York's best hot dog isn't even in an adjoining state.

Also - i find it near impossible to imagine that anyone outside of New York (and most people inside New York) is really clamoring for an egg cream, these days.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Seamy Underbelly of Food Cart Addiction

When food cart demand turns deadly....

Noel Gibbons, his brother, and a friend were waiting in line for delicious cart-food satisfaction at a midtown halal cart when suddenly, Ziad Tayeh accused them of having cut him in line.

They ignored him, collected their food, and drove off, only to discover that Tayeh was following them in his own car. After following them two streetlights, declining to pass when the pull over to let him by, Tayeh jumped from his vehicle, stabbed Noel Gibbons in the back, and, returning to his vehicle, sped away!

Next time you crave cart food, dear reader, be mindful not only of the delicious food in front of you, but also the knife-wielding psycopath behind!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Dosa Man

All of the food was vegetarian and it was all spectacular. He clearly took the challenge seriously and had almost a three course cart sized meal for us. Each serving came with a small sample of his homemade lentil soup, a side order of hummus, a dosa (crepe style batter, pictured above, with a spicy veggie filling)and , a samosa (a sweet tasting pre-made pastry also with veggies). He also supplied us with a spicy garlic ginger sauce, and a tangy mint chutney.
We were all very impressed by his hospitality, professionalism, and presentation of his food. It felt like were the judges on Iron Chef. :) In the end the Dosa Man came in as the runner up at the Vendy's, but we all thought his food was first rate!
-The IHeartCarts Team

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen last Sunday October 22nd was the second annual Vendy Awards!! (organized by the Street Vendor Project: http://www.streetvendor.org) This spectacular event took street vendors from around the great city of New York and put them into one central location to determine the best street cart in all the land. And of course you trusty IHeartCarts Team was there to cover the event.
Over 36 carts made the 2006 nominee list but only four were chosen as finalists in this Iron Chef style competition. The event took place in the courtyard of St. Mark's Church in the Bowery on Tenth street and Second ave. There were several hundred patrons on hand to sample from the four finalists as well as a panel of nine judges to determine the winner. The IHeartCarts Team was only able to sample from three of these carts due to an incredable demand at one cart that had to close early. We will be posting our reviews of the carts we were able to sample and more about the event throughout the week. (There's a lot of pictures and news to report!!!)
As alwasy please share your thoughts about the Vendy's or the finalists!!!
-The IHeartCarts Team

Friday, September 08, 2006

Greatest of the downtown fruit carts?

location: Near the corner of Nassau and Cedar Street.

We've been going to this particular fruit car for a few years and have found their quality and prices to be excellent. There are two main types of fruit platters that we get the regular and the tropical. Both platters vary depending on the season, but in general the tropical has more "tropical" fruit and the regular has more everyday fruit. (go figure) This cart also has fruit shakes, and the guy who cuts the fruit up has a cool looking machete!! The prices are very resonable considering how much fruit you get in one of these platters.

Who knew you could get so full off of fruit!!?!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Cart that caught my eye.
location: East 4th Street and Broadway

Yesterday, while walking about, discussing where to have dinner, i spied out a food cart out of the corner of my eye. Perhaps it was the beckoning xmas lights, perhaps it was the delicately delicious smell wafting around the corner. Perhaps it was fate.

The dinner menu at the cart, Halal Food Express, specialized the usual suspects: Falafel, Chix-rice, chix-rice-like-combinations of things -- it all smelled delicious. However, i was still supposed to have dinner - this could only be a light snack. As such, I decided to try something different, something i'd never had. I chose "mixed vegetables with beans or lentils", being careful to order it without white sauce (which i personally abhor) -- I asked for hot sauce instead. The cart proprietor was very nice, but I as i was never asked whether i fancied either beans or lentils, i'm not such which of the legumes I did or did not receive. The platter was served over a delicate basmati rice, with some freshly cut iceberg lettuce. Overall, i would say the food was excellent. What left the most lasting impression, however, was the hot sauce. It was delicious, but *extremely* spicy-- way too hot for most people's palates. I love spicy food, and continued on down the street towards the rest of dinner - which, though execellent, paled in comparison to my tasty new cart treat!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Halal Food Truck Cart on 33rd Street

Last Friday I passed by a cart/truck that I go by fairly regularly on my daily morning commute. This particular morning however I was hurting from a late night out with some friends, and figured I needed some food before work to soothe my stomach. Seeing as how it was breakfast time I asked for the typical New York City Fatboy Special Breakfast (bacon, egg and cheese on a roll) However they didn't have any bacon (some sort of Halal Thing?) so I went with the sausage, which turned out to be an excellent supplement.

The egg was cooked to perfection and the sausage was sweet and delicious!! I was very pleased with my decision to stop off here and highly recommend this cart. The service was great and the vendors were very friendly with some of the locals who I'm sure they see every morning.

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